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MonAssist Information Technologies

Monassist Software Corp. was founded in February 2015 by three entrepreneurs after three years of research and development. Currently it is a developing software company with an ever-growing number of members. Our company is young but its founding members have 15 years’ of experience in designing a wide range of products, including Human Resources Management System and especially for corporate companies, detailed and oriented products such as the Health Provision System, Pension Management System, Real Estate Management System (for companies that have a lot of real estate in their portfolio, for rent, sale and new real estate purchases) and Issue Tracking Platform in the field of information technologies and other international Holding companies in Turkey.

We created a user-friendly, multilingual web-based HR Management Software which is called HR+. Our other software products are not multilingual but can be customized upon request. Health Provision System and Pension Management System are wide-ranging and just as detailed processes as an ERP system.


In accordance with our principle of solution-oriented operation; to produce Enterprise Software solutions with effective, economical and innovative information technologies and to have a say in the national and international arena by integrating with the customer.


In accordance with the wishes of our customers and the evolution of technology to further develop our Enterprise Software solutions that we have developed with our long years of experience and to stay at the top all times.

  • To produce fast, high quality and reliable solutions in accordance with the expectations and needs of our customers,
  • To ensure customer loyalty by providing the solutions that best suit their expectations and needs.


We produce enterprise solutions using the latest technologies and the latest security standards

Health Provision System

Health care and provision management system for institutions.

Pension Management System

Pension Management system for SSI, Bank and private chests

HR Management System

Enterprise and customized Human Resources management system

Control Transition System

Software Solutions for ticketing, stadium, parking and PDKS systems

Real Estate Management System

Real estate project sales and rental management system

Work Flow - Issue Tracking Platform

Customized work flow and project management software

Why US?

We know that there are many different software companies in today's high-tech world. It's extremely challenging to find a company you can trust and have a long-term partnership with.

Why MonAssist Software?

Our Approach

For us, this is not just a profession, we are proud of the solutions we offer. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all our work and we are not satisfied until the projects meet our own personal high standards. Since 2015, we continue to progress with our knowledge and experience. All our customers are primarily our partners. Our support for our business partners does not end with the project we have delivered, we continue to support them in the long term.

Mutually Active Communication

Our goal is to help our partners achieve their goals. But we must know them very well for that. In the first phase of our collaboration, we analyze your projects that are suitable for your goals and we work overtime to better recognize your company structure.


In the next step, we continue our analysis and decide together the most appropriate approach for your goals. We believe this step is very important. We use the information we have gained for many years in the corporate software industry and determine what you really need.

Solution Oriented Operation

We aim to add meaningful values to the process with a partnership and solution partnership that will continue for many years. While creating the best solution for you, we are not just content with what you say what you say. Taking into account the progress of the digital world, we produce and offer alternative solutions for your goals. These processes, of course, are not independent of you as our solution partner. We decide together and complete and deliver your product.






Number of Users



And Technologies

Programming Technologies:

Web form, C#, ASP.Net, MVC, .NET Core 3.0+, Blazor, JavaScript, ReactNative, ADO.Net, Entity Framework, T - Sql, Rest API, N-Tire Architecture

Product Architectures and Workspaces:

The products made by Monassist systems are working under Turkey's 3 largest banks. Bank systems are extremely secure structures. Our Human Resources product operates in the Microsoft Azure environment and can be implemented on the Institutions' own intranets if desired.

Health product is a system that works with 3-Tier Security layered architecture in the DMZ region in Load Balancer structure in Bank systems. And it is open to all hospitals in Turkey. The information security and penetration tests of the products were carried out by the expert teams of the technology departments of the banks The systems are designed to work in a disaster scenario and prioritize accessibility for the health system since the health system is in a state of instant importance in terms of accessibility. Our products can be integrated into all systems within the banks. For example, Accounting integration, HR integration and so on.